Screws not in all the way, cannot close SM

Some of the 36 450 SMs from our latest order have the two screws near the ports aren't in all the way.  This causes the cover to hit them before it goes on far enough to latch on.

Can I tighten those screws in myself without damaging anything?

Yes, you can tighten them more OR with a little extra force you can jam the cover on. These extra screws are a recent change to the manufacturing process.

The ones in our order have one screw which is twice the size of the other and the cover won't fit at all.  Only on a few units in each box though.

We bought a bunch of them. The screws in most of them appear to be 6-32 machine screws. All of others we've bought are a completely different thread and have a torx head and fit perfectly fine. These new ones, yes the caps don't fit because the screw heads are in the way, and most of them are not screwed in all the way! I've been forcing them all in by hand and it's a major PITA. We've probably deployed 10 or so and I have no idea if the guys noticed if the caps are staying on.

Can I ask where you bought them? I'm wondering if they did this.

We made a factory change to accomodate housings where the tapped hole size had some deviation.  In order to be able to supply these units in a timely fashion, we increased the size of the screw for about 5,000 units.

Unfortunately, some of these units left the factory without proper assembly.  The fortunate thing is that this will not affect the radio performance in any way.

If anyone has these units, and are unhappy with them, you can try a few things to remedy:

1) Tighten the screws to allow the bottom cover to properly seat and clip to the radio.

2) File down the top of the bottom cover to allow clearance for the screws.

3) If neither of these options are satisfactory, please open a case with support, and we can RMA and replace the units affected.

Apologies for this temporary deviation.  All new units are now being built to the original specifications and with the original screw sizes, so this should not be an issue moving forward although there may be additional units in the channel.

We are still seeing these oversize screws in very recent shipments (Nov 22, 2015).    We now have at least 5 units where the front cover is cracked at the base.   What is the plan for addressing this issue? 

This issue was limited to a known number of units.  It seems that some of them are still working their way through the channel.  We will RMA any units that are exhibiting this problem.  Have you opened a support case for this one Mark?

I have forwarded your email to the right folks on the support team.

I have three of these right now. Two of them have one torx and one phillips screw. The phillips screw is on the opposite side of the cracks in the front cover though. The other one has two torx, but they were not tightened down all the way. One also has the tab broken that holds the cap on. That was also out of the box.

I talked to all of the guys and they said these all came out of the box this way. I said don't give me any BS, if we broke them, then I'm not going to lie to Cambium about it to get RMAs. Since Mark spoke up and said he's seen the same thing on units he's received, I guess I kinda have to believe the guys now.

So if the support guys were made aware of this issue, then I will get a support case open for these.

So.. someone from support opened a case for me on these three I have. I filled out the RMA forms and replied with them attached. Nobody responded. I sent them again. Still no response. Two weeks ago. What is wrong with the support channel?


I've asked one of the support guys here to send out 3 today, you will have them tomorrow morning.  Sorry for the delay, I'll look into why the replacements werent fulfilled sooner and why the case owner didnt respond to your inquiry.