Search button not working.

The search button on the main page no longer finds customers in the new cloud release.


I just tested this by searching for each of the following:  device name, ip address and mac address.  In all three cases the matching items were displayed and I could successfully click thru to navigate to that device's dashboard.  I tested using Chrome.

Can you try testing with another browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox or IE) and see if it behaves differently with a different browser?  Otherwise, would you mind adding me as an admin and I can test it myself  (

Tried Chrome, IE, and Edge on two different computers and nothing.

Would appreciate help


I just sent you an private email.  I'd like to log into your account to see the issue.  Our team is currently looking into a similar, possibly related, issue.


Update:  This issue has been fixed in cnMaestro 1.6.0-r6.   If you're cloud server hasn't been upgraded to this version just yet, it will be soon.