Second Sector Alignment

Well, I went on the water tower to put up my second sector attenna which was supposed to point 130 degress . My phone app antenna pointer was bouncing all over the place and I am asumming from the metal of tower. Just wondering what others do to get a accurate sector point. 

We'll set the degrees out on the ground and either make a reference point out in the distance, or choose a reference point (large tree, rock, house, etc). When we're on the tower we'll use that as our guide.


Thanks, that is what I will do. I have a good pic from google maps that I can use to point it. I didnt realize the compass and or phone app wouldnt work up there. Confused the hell out of me. 

I generally use my iphone but sometimes I see the same thing you were and I'll bust out a magnetic compass which also may have problems with the metal on our towers. If that fails I look for land marks like big rocks, or groups of buidings but since we have gps timing it's ok if i'm off a few degrees they all Tx and Rx at the same time.