Sector antenna for 2400 connectorized AP

I have one 2400 AP advantage with N connector and I need to connect it with a sector antenna. Can anybody tell me who is the best product to do this ?

last mile gear

are all good antennas…I’m sure there are lots of others.

I like MTi antennas a lot myself. I have not used the 2.4GHz models but the 900’s that we have are way awesome. I’d expect the same performance and quality on their 2.4GHz models…

Have not seen an MTI I didn’t like

And what about hyperlink antennas 2.4 GHz 20 dBi 120 Degree Sector Panel Wireless LAN Antenna
HyperGain® HG2420P-120

Never used one…but it looks decent. Real world experience may prove otherwise though.


I have little faith in Hyperlink products.

It’s a good idea to spend more on better antennas.

It will pay for itself many times over by allowing you to pick up weaker subs and providing better overall performance.