Sector Utilization and Frame Utilization

I have been graphing Total Downlink Sector Utilization and DL Frame Utilization and the results appear to be the same. Is this the correct behavior? (frUtlLowMumimoDownlinkSectorUtilization) (frUtlLowTotalDownlinkUtilization)

I have forwarded this to our support and development teams.

Which model AP are you doing this for? 450i or 450m?

I have asked folks that know more about this than me to respond and comment...

Hi Kevin,

The values returned by both the OID's are same most of the time.
Sometimes, they might slightly differ due to rounding errors.

The OID (frUtlLowMumimoDownlinkSectorUtilization) is supported on PMP 450m radios only. If you are polling a PMP 450m AP, you may want to use this OID.

If you are using polling a PMP 450/450i AP you may want to use (frUtlLowTotalDownlinkUtilization)


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