securing SM to SM communication

I would like to know if we can implement SM to SM security so that traffic should not flow from one to another.

We have clients on our Canopy motorola wireless network using internet and WAN services. If a client has multiple branches and has subscribed all his branches for internet service only(using Cisco Router), then we don’t want him to establish WAN connection (VPN tunnel) between their branches.

Is their any solution to stop SM to SM communication so that clients will use only internet and not WAN?

Please advice.


Yes…with the new 8.2 Firmware. Look up SM isoltion in the Release 8 User Guide. Plus you may also want to filter NMB on the Protocol Filters Page.

Upgrade to 8.x
Upgrade to Prizm 3 if you don’t want to do this via http.
On AP configuration block SM to SM communication. (Block SM destined packets from being forwarded).
On CMM configuration select the uplink port for the backhaul.
Think about separating your network in vlans.