See anything wrong?

Anyone see anything wrong with using these settings for SM QOS>
Sustained Up: 384
Sustained Down: 1250
Up Burst: 4000
Down Burst: 12000

Downlink Percentage is 75% at AP and Backhauls if that matters.

We sell the servce as 768/384 and I’m just adding some padding. Should I bump up the 384 any?

Nah, at these bandwidth levels you don’t really need to account for overheard. If you DID, 15-20% would do the trick.

To be honest, with the bursting mechanism in place, customer speed tests will typically show faster than what the customer subscribed anyway. I’d say leave your sustained at 768/384 and increase the burst a bit.

Otherwise… looks much better than the default 50 meg burst I’ve seen so many people running :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking it out! Unfortunately we were running wide open because in the past we didn’t put the QOS at the SM and then made some changes in how we manage the network. We started getting complaints obviously of slow speeds because of the number of people on the APs. Things have quieted down now.