Seeing huge improvements in throughput with firmware 3.0.1

I was running 2.6.2 on our ePTP links.  I have a "test" link in a really clean 40Mhz channel that is only a couple miles away.  When I was running older firmware I normally got 150Mbps down, 150Mbps up -which was pretty incredible.  Flashed to 3.0.1 tonight and been running link tests through it afterward and getting a 220/200 now.  Should I consider this a 400Mbps aggregate link now?  Or, does this test show the maximum at any one time for downlink and uplink (the max being 220Mbps as advertised)? Just wondering.  Either way... $500 bucks for this much thoughput is just awesome. 


It's a half duplex connection, so no, it would not be 400+mbps aggragate. You'll obviously want to be using the GPS versions of products and/or any of the newer Force radios that support 1gbps ethernet interfaces to get the full performance out of this link while using a 40MHz channel width at full modulation.

That being said, there's been considerable performance and stability improvements to ePTP since 2.6.2.