Seeing wired clients in cnMaestro X

Unless I am missing something, I only see wireless clients in cnMaestro. In our enterprise environment, we need to see every device connected wired or wirelessly to our Cambium assets. Has anyone had any success getting this to work?

Could you please provide details of AP models you have deployed.

XV2-22H, XE5-8, and XV2-2T0. We have a few additional models coming for phase 2 of our implementation.

We also need this for our EX2052-P, EX2010-P, and TX2028RF-P switches. It will show IP phone device type and host name for IP cameras, switches, and APs. It won’t show workstations and other devices. For those, I can go under topology in the switch and see MAC addresses, but no other information.

For Enterprise APs, wired clients are visible only with certain features like Guest access. However, Guest access is still not supported on wired ports for these platforms.

We have CnMatrix switches and do see much information at all about wired clients compared to information gleamed from the Cambium APs. I know a lot of this is down to how much information is sent via LLDP but other manufactures switches see a lot more information the cnMaestro does. Is this expected?

Cambium Enterprise Wi-Fi APs does not populate wired information based on LLDP.

Wired clients get populated with Cambium Enterprise Wi-Fi APs if and only if certain features are enabled. Such as Guest Access etc…

What about the cnMatrix range?

At a minimum, I would like to see the MAC address and IP of anything connected to any internally switched ETH port on any Cambium AP. From a security perspective, I can track down devices to the port.

@CAM_TSK Hy! Any updates on this regard? im on the same boat, we need to see IPs and MAC Addresses for clientes/workstations/APs/ePMP on our EX1028 or any of the ones we are running in the company

@CAM_TSK any development on this request. This is a basic feature for “Enterprise” Switching surely?

Some of the device (Wi-Fi 6 APs) details (MAC address and IP address) are shown in the Details >> Topology Tab. To include all the requested devices, please post your suggestion in the Ideas section.

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