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Has anyone had customers try a self-install with ePMP? How did it go?

If ePMP could be easier to self-install, what would that mean for you and your business?



hello, in my opinion would be a useful thing to access the customer just to specify the credentials for pppoe and choice of AP and LAN configuration, but without showing the WPA password for the radio, it would be very interesting, so 'the customer can not ‘access in any way to our network of AP, this and’ also my opinion, so 'the installers that are a bit mischievous boys do no damage.

Thanks, I'll bear this in mind.

I don't see how this could possibly end well?   Customers will inevitably install in the worst possible location (low, behind a tree, in a fashion that provides poor service or degrades the AP).

It's beyond me why this would even be an option someone would consider?

I do not speak for making sure that the customer installs, but there precisely for installation The installer who knows how to do, but I would avoid that the installer see pass wpa

We have had 2 installs the customers insisted on doing themselves, one worked for charter and couldn’t get charters service, the other used to do satellite installs. Both fallowed simple directions and went smoothly. However, we do not allow our installers access to the radios nor did we the customers. But home where known line of site and explain aiming. All cpes are named with the Mac address of the radio and installers call in to get an alignment from the support team. The support team accesses the radio via its hostname. 000456abc123.cpe and log in as installer and readback alignment information. We have small 2.5 ah 12v batteries that clip on the radios to power them up while looking for a signal. With reasonable explanation of what going on, some home owners could self install, but without knowing both of those people, no way would I have let a regular home owner self install. If there was an indoor cpe they could just drop on the shelf and see some light glow and call it good, id be game. We’ve got a few of the pmp100 series indoor antennaz that was easy enough to self install and some indoor awb indoor wimax radios that customers self installed. Of course forecasting the signal can be fun.

hi chris

what you mean with batteries during alignment???? 

12v battery will power up a epmp cpe.  if you've got some old cambium supplies, cut off the transformer, attach the red or dotted line wire to the plus side of the battery ternimal, the not colored side to the negative and you've got power on the go. we use 12v 5AH power sonic PB batteries for this.  

we've also made one with a thin clip that fits in the small gap on the back of the SM so the battery and SM can be held in one hand to watch the lights to assoiate.  makes finding a signal much easier. 


Any photos of these?

its an old busted one, but you can see the setup with it.  


dewalt drill batters work too

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I would never allow a self install.

When we install a CPE, we have cabling standards that are adhered to - customers probably wouldnt bother most of the time and problems woudl be caused as a result. And in the end you will end up going out to repair problems.

If there was a white space product, I would consider allowing customers to self install as line of sight is not entirely required there.

Though the biggest asset we have in going out to install equipment is the fact we are sure to get photos - our office can then see exactly what the customer is looking at when troubleshooting.

Here is how I do it with ubiquiti - I have one Y cable for ubiquiti and one for ePMP
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Do you have a link for the exact epmp ycable and the UBNT cable, I would like to get both?