Semi Off Topic - Radio Test Equipment? Lineman?

I know this is kind of off-topic but I don’t have anywhere else to ask at the moment… … ineMan.jpg

That is a picture of a Lineman that we use to measure / generate signals with. It measures the db level of the audio coming through, as well as has a speaker so that we can hear it. It’s a transmission line test set / communication intercom.

It was formally made by Helper Instruments, which is now owned by Zetron. The model number was LM-106 . We also have service monitors, etc. it’s just this box is much more convenient. (and cheaper for what we want to do w/ it)

I, however, can not find anyone that sells anything that old anymore. Zetron has said they discontinued the product.

Does anyone know where I could find something like this? I checked eBay and no such luck.

Interesting info, I did not know Zetron bought out Helper. We have three of them and use them all the time, I hope we dont need a fourth someday if you are saying they are next to none existent.

Yeah they’re extremely hard to find.

It’s ridiculous, I can’t find any even used for sale.

Was hoping someone else had a suggestion for a different, yet similar, product.