Sending config through cnMaestro to point to a different cnMaestro

Hello All,

I’m migrating one cnMaestro instance over to another and some of the devices I’m not able to log into for multiple reasons. Is there a way to send a config update with the new cnMaestro address to the radios on the old instance so I can onboard them?

Thank you in advance.

PS, I tried searching the forums but I didn’t see anything that resembled what I’m trying to do.

Hi James,

Which device types are you using in cnMaestro(like ePMP/PMP/Enterprise devices)? And its Cloud or On-premises?

Hi @James_Hindley,

Yes this can be done using a configuration update. I assume you’re using On-Premises.

The method depends on if the device uses template-based configuration or AP/Switch Group configuration. With template-based configuration you just send a template update with the new cnMaestro URL. With AP/Switch Group configuration you do the same but in the Advanced Configuration section of the mapped AP/Switch Group(s).

For both methods you can determine the format of the configuration text by exporting the device’s configuration file. This can be done in the device’s Configuration tab by clicking “View Configuration”. Find the section specifying the cnMaestro URL and add that to a configuration template or AP/Switch Group’s Advanced Configuration section.

CLI and key-value pair configuration files are relatively simple to copy/paste. For JSON-based configuration I recommend using a tool like to ensure the JSON formatting is correctly preserved.

Each product line has different configuration file formats so you’ll need to repeat this process for each type. If you tell us which device types you’re migrating we can assist with getting the configuration snippet.

When you push the new cnMaestro URL in a configuration update the device will fail with an error like “Configuration failed due to device timeout”. This is normal as the device stops talking to the first cnMaestro instance to connect to the second. This timeout takes 5 minutes after sending the update. You can speed up the job by increasing the number of devices to update in parallel when creating it.


Thank you so much for the response! Mostly they are cnPilot e430W and cnPilot r201P. I’m using on premises for both instances of cnMaestro.

I’m trying to go through as much of the learning on Cambium but I haven’t got to this part yet I guess. How would I make a config so that it doesn’t change any other settings on these devices but just the URL to the cnMaestro instance?

Thank you all so much for your continued assistance!

Hi @James_Hindley,

For cnPilot r201P it is relatively simple since you can apply a configuration with just the URL update. Double check the parameter with an exported config file from your device but I think the configuration template just needs the following.

cns_static_url=<on-premises URL>

Create the template under Configuration > Templates > Add Template and select the Type as cnPilot Home (R-Series). You can apply the template in the Configuration tab at either a container (System/Network/Site) or at the individual device level. You’ll need to select Template as the Configuration Method.

cnPilot Enterprise are configured through AP Groups. If you don’t already have your devices mapped to AP Groups it will require a bit of work to create the AP Group/WLANs that match the existing configuration running on the device. Once this is done though the text you’ll need in the Advanced Configuration section of the AP Group will be like the below.

management cambium-remote
management cambium-remote url <On-premises URL>