Separate VLAN for Access and Management in NAT Mode

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I've noticed a setting in the ePMP radios to configure an option to permit a different management interface that can be placed in a different VLAN on the wireless side. After finding this, I got thinking it might be an interesting cause to give the radio a Public IP that won't answer to management, and then a private IP that will answer to management on a different VLAN. However, I'm unclear on one point. When both the management vlan, and the WAN vlan are configured in Dynamic mode for the respective interfaces. What MAC address do you expect each VLAN to make a request on for an IP? If they both make a request on the same MAC address that would make it complex on the DHCP side. If they make requests on different MAC addresses, then what MAC address is used by the management interface, and what one is used by the NAT config interface?



Cambium MAC addresses are 00:04:56:XX:XX:XX.

When the Separate Wireless Management Interface is used, the MAC address for this interface is 02:04:56:XX:XX:XX.

Daniel Sullivan

ePMP Software Manager

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Hey Daniel,

Is there a way to determine the specific MAC addresses used for each virtual interface? This is a reuirement for some  WISP client management systems like powercode.

So is this why when the management VLAN is enabled we were losing pings because even though we had the management VLAN set, the router occasionally received gratuitous ARP on the native VLAN?

We have elevated about 480 UBNT SM's in our network. When we enable the mgmt IP option the second character in the first octet of the MAC address changes but not to "2". What does the it change to? Does the first character of the first octet change?