Separate VLANs on Separate SSIDs

I tried to do this but only one SSID could get out at a time. It ended up being whichever one was listed as the "Internet Port"

I need users to connect to different SSIDs to access different networks


SSID per VLAN feature is not supported as of now in R201/R200.

VLAN mapping is currently applied for WAN Link.Each WAN link can be mapped with a separate VLAN.

Thank you for the quick response.

Please let me ask at this point, does the R200/201 support multiple trunked VLANs at all? Maybe mapped individually to the four Ethernet ports?

I have 5 WANs configured, all with a separate VLAN. I have all of my WANs configured to Trunk. I can only seem to get one WAN to work at a time, and it is always the last one that I entered. I haven't tried selecting the Ethernet ports on any but the Management VLAN however.

I want to Trunk 5 VLANS. 1 for remote management and 4 for four different services providers giving service over my network. I'd even be happy with 1 and 3 instead of 1 and 4. I'm poised on purchasing 100 units for a Phase 1 project and another 700 for Phase 2 in 4 months. My other option would be to do a Walled Garden and a Captive Portal, which I would prefer not not administrate and as far as I can see is not supported in this device.