Separated monitoring for different user

Hi people. I want to know the following.
Is it possible have several user on the same Cambium Network ID and allow the no monitor different portons (devides) of this Network? Let´s suppose I have a network organized by zones and in each zone I have a manager, so me as Administrator I have the view of all zones, but the manager of zone can monitor only the corresponding network portion. Is it possible?? what is the trick?

To be more precise. Let see the following scenario. there several AP serving a big zone. client (SM devices) are groups ny smaller zones and each one signed to User do monitor,User A monitores Zone A, User B - Zone B… User A cannot see devices of Zone B and vice-versa. But the client devices can connect to any PA available. the Administrator sees ALL.

U have to buy cnMaestro X

Pshemo is correct…cnMaestroX has the MSO feature where you can treat each zone as a separate entity, and give individuals access to each zone.

You could do it with cnMaestro Essentials also. Under your email, you create a cnMaestro ID for each zone. Then, you can invite individuals to each cnMaestro ID, and all they can view or manage is the equipment in inventory on that ID. You, the administrator, can see and manage all the accounts you create. This is how I run my cnMaestro and support my customers.

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Is there a way to only allow users to see and manage SMs and exclude them from managing APs (maybe read only on AP)?

Good question. I am interested in point too. :thinking:

I kinda understood it. I will try it. Thanks.