separation between 5.8 AP and ptp400 5.8

I currently have a cluster(3) ap running at 5.8(5.745,5.780,5.815). I have a ptp400 5.8 that I would like to use for bh between sites. Anyone have any experience or information on how much separation I would need between these? I am going to put the ptp400 hard set for 5.835(note that it does have the option for hard set freq of 5.842, could sue that one also)…Per the moto canopy system guide there are 6 non overlapping freqs in the 5.8 band,5.735,5.55,5.775,5.795,5.815,5.835…and they recommend 20-25 Mhz between freqs…Thanks for any insight you may have on this…

Forgot to add AP directions, 5.745(n-ne),5.780(se-sw),5.815(sw-nw), these are 120 degree AP, and the ptp400 would be shooting towards the ne…at 5.836

Ok just thought I would post what I have found. I did install the ptp400 5.8 about 10 ft below my cluster of 5.8 AP. I am running on 5.836 and so far no interference issues. All looks good to this point.

i would recommend going into the spectrum management on both ends of the ptp400 link and click on the frequencies that your ap’s are using. This will “lock” those frequencies from being used by the ptp400 should it decide to hop channels.

we have several ap clusters and ptp400 links running just fine next to each other on the same tower.

I have the ptp locked on the freq…Thanks for the input…Glad to hear someone else has this setup with no issues…

We have a similar setup with a Trango BH and it’s working fine as well.