seprate vlan for voip traffic

hello all we are going to roll out our own voip service, but i would like to know if anyone has put there voip traffic in its own vlan.

i do not want to enable high priorty traffic on the ap’s if possible due to the slow down on the rest of the internet traffic.

and how about some comments on voip with high priority traffic enabled.


We have implemented VOIP on a seperate VLAN using Canopy. However, we are a corporate user with 11 RF links. We have enabled DSCP and allocated 200K for high priority traffic and all has worked flawless.

The problem with VoIP almost always starts at the customer LAN. You absolutely need a device that can do QoS and put high priority on the VoIP, medium priority on http/https, and low priority on everything else. A single call is less than 65k so they are not going to notice it much but if they are running a torrent, a video, and trying to browse the VoIP will always have enough BW. It took Vonage a while to figure this one out…

If your network is congested, then you have a completely different problem. In addition to the above, you will need to DiffServe tag the VoIP and enable priority through your network from the SM to the gateway. Alternately a VLAN for VoIP only with priority will work.

thanks for the response jerry,

we are running vlans to segregate our network now, so what i want to do is put voip traffic in its own vlan and with high priority traffic on on the sm and ap’s i am hoping to not see a slow down on the regular traffic, torrents are always a problem.

our network has room to grow but i want to plan for the future, and if we are selling voip as well that room will dimminish at a alarming rate.

i have read the white papers concerning voip and they recommend a 50/50 split on the up and down.

does anyone have any real world stats.

thanks all