Serial Configuration Changes?

Right now, making changes to a WLAN network will push the changes to all APs simultaneously. This kills a network for some period of time, and the warning even states “This could take a few minutes”. I would like to at least have the option of configuration changes taking place in series instead of in parallel.

For example, there are changes that might take out a single AP where clients could connect to a neighboring AP until the changes are in place - and then continue to the following AP with the appearance of a fairly seamless configuration change. Instead, I lose all connectivity for some period of time.


Please, this would be very useful for making subtle changes without taking out whole systems.

This is possible with schedule bulk configuration update available from 3.1.1 release onwards,

I’m listing down the steps on how to proceed with the configuration,

first click on AP groups , then procced to AP tab, AP configuration (sub tab) and choose the devices on which the configuration has to be pushed and select configure button on the extreme right side of the page

Once you click on the configure button, a pop up page appears an option to select the devices, where the configuration has to be pushed can be chosen, once the devices are chosen, select the “schedule configuration” button

which will lead you to another pop up page where the time , if more than 100 devices are selected, one has the option to select the max number of APs to be updated in parallel. Proceed to apply configuration to the devices.

I’m attaching screenshots for your reference.


This is a fundamental problem. I need to be able to update a site with 5 APs and know that they don’t all go down at exactly the same time so a whole small office doesn’t get shut down during updates.

I appreciate that it can be done for very large batches, but I also tend not to update multiple sites at the same time - so I wouldn’t even come close to the threshold with individual sites.

Thank you, Chris

cnMaestro supports to update the AP in batches (APs in a site/AP group) with single AP at a time, so if the site has 5 APs and you want to update single AP at a time, it is possible to achieve by selecting “1” in the parallel devices to update option.



I see now that this is possible and doesn’t have a 100 device minimum that was previously suggested.

Please make this available without having to go through so many steps. Just have the “Devices to update in parallel” readily available.

Thank you, Chris

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the feedback. We will see how we can improve on reducing the steps.