Service Flow setups

Cambium team,

Can you provide some sample service flows for stabilizing a connections for business customers who use VPN’s.

Currently we use BE down no harq 5Mbps, BE up harq-3 retries 2Mbps up.

This works great for general web applications, vpns are suffering because of 2-4% packet loss.

Are you on the lastest firmware? Also what are your backoff powers? We use 7 due to some heavy nlos conditions … increase your backoffpowers and ad 1 harq to downlink and it should clear up


And downlink backoff 3 and uplink backoff 3

No loss on the download according to performance monitor. It is just uplink.

CPE is 7.1.3

e2.2.1 only fixes the upper 3ghz freq bug nothing more…

should I upgrade cpe firmware?

Currently only one person on this AP, I should have no loss.

This customer has LOS with -59 signal 34 CINR…

rb384997 wrote:

CPE is 7.1.3

e2.2.1 only fixes the upper 3ghz freq bug nothing more.....

should I upgrade cpe firmware?

e2.2.1 fixes more than just upper 3.65 there are a great deal of changes that could help resolve your issue or at least help you diagnose what it may be.

I would recommend upgrading both the AP and the SM I have seen a great deal of the same issues it typically has been interference or pore uplink signal. I would make certain that there is no noise on the channel you are using first. If that doesn't work try changing the uplink to nrtps.

I have even seen some good results on short links with strong rsl by turning the sm 45deg where the ethernet cable is strait down. this brings down the downlink rsl but will even up the uplink where the uplink signal powers up and is even on both polarities which sometime helps with interference issues.