Service Flows

we are testing the 320 gear currently. I have a question about the “Service flows/QoS”. I am running a default config on AP and I am trying to leave the AP wide open so I can pull the MAX speeds. What speeds should I be seeing with the default settings.

0 25000000 1 0 0 Best Effort 0 0
1 25000000 1 0 0 nrtPS/VR 0 10000
2 500000 1 125000 0 nrtPS/VR 0 0

Please look at our software page for the PMP 320 Link Budget Table document. This document shows optimal speeds you can attain using UDP traffic.
Click here to get the Link budget Table : http://motorola.wirelessbroadbandsuppor … 97787fd1de

OK answer this then. Is it true that if I only have 1 CPE connected to the AP that I will NOT achieve max bandwidth until I connect more CPE’s?

I also am having problems with speeds. I’m not exactly sure I have the AP configured correctly though.
We are using 7Mhz channels. I currently have a CSM connected and on the main status page is says -56dBm however both the uplink and downlink modulation rates are holding at qpsk-ctc-1/2.
Do I need to make other changes to make this better?

the modulation rate stays at a lower level until you actually start pushing data through it. I noticed the same thing and called a MOTO engineer and he explained it to me. I then began pushing data through it and noticed that the modulation did increase to full capacity.

I still only have 2 SM’s connected to this AP, so I have not been able to confirm the more than 5 SM’s to get the full throughput.