Service to remote subscribers

Does anyone have suggestions on how best to provide service to remote customers. We are in a situation where we have potential subscribers but they are unable to see any of our Ap’s but they could potentially see a customer that could see the AP. It does not seem cost effective to do a bounce and put up another Ap for 1 or 2 customers. Is there another solution that might work.

Thanks in advance

Bruce :stuck_out_tongue:

You could do a hop with some mikrotik or other low cost bridge.

Offer the customer providing the hop an free upgrade to the next level service.

Thanks Jerry, I appreciated our conversation the other da, it was most helpful.

On another note does anyone have experience with Mikrotik backhaul, i need a low cost fix for an SM bounce that is causing problems

Bump. I’m also curios how stable the Mikrotik links are from those who are using it.

We use Deliberant equipment. Works pretty well for small situations.