Session counts/Reg counts/Re-regs

I recently changed freq’s on two of my AP’s to get away from some noise…I have noticed an improvement on re-reg’s, but have observed an increase in session counts…I have not had any customers complain and our installs are going ok…The manual indicates installation problems with high session counts…but pior to the freq change the session counts looked good…

So my question is - How much impact does increasing session counts with no increase in re-regs have on cusotmers?

howdy neighbor…

generally when we have seen this it has been related to timing somehow. by definition, i believe, a session vs a reg is when the ap knows / expects the connection to be re-established and a re-reg is when it doesn’t (or something along those lines)

yes, i appreciate the manual’s meaning as well. LOL. i’ve only seen this 2-3 times on our network but each time i’ve seen it something was a little off with timing. (or the site wasn’t timed at all). we used to think even pointing antennas completely away from other sites meant they didn’t have to be timed…and while the sites were smaller, they didn’t. we just have a remote area right now that just got to seven customers - and is beginning to show the same symptom you describe. it is not currently timed. (the 120 antenna is poing 90 degrees in another direction from the direction our other AP points and is on a completely opposite frequency)

Thanks Jay…that is what I am thinking…howerver we have been through it two or three times and can not find a problem with the timing and this only showed up when we changed the freq …We are going back to the orginal freq tonight…

I looked at your web site a couple of weeks ago…I would like to get together sometime to compare notes and look at your network…Maybe I can visit sometime soon…

Reg counts are when the SM loses registration with the AP and the AP knows it.

Re-Reg is when the SM loses registration but the AP does not know about it until the SM re-registers.

High reg and re-reg counts are not necessarily related to timing. It may be that the noise floor is higher than you think and the SM’s are operating with too little margin.

Try switching the SM’s to 1X and see if things get more stable.

Is there anything else i can do if the noise floor is ok and timing is ok. This customer was fine until yesterday. Nothing changed on our side but this customer is experiencing intermittent service. I have set this sm to 1x and am still get the climbing session count. The customer has ran ping test and times out most of the time and is getting a lot of packet loss.

LUID: 013 : MAC: 0a-00-3e-xx-xx-xx State: IDLE
Session Timeout: 0, AirDelay 118 (approximately 3.29 miles (17346 feet))
Session Count: 359, Reg Count 358, Re-Reg Count 1
RSSI (Avg/Last): 1408/1399 Jitter (Avg/Last): 4/4 Power Level (Avg/Last): -79/-79
Sustained Uplink Data Rate (AP): 20000 (kbit)
Uplink Burst Allocation (AP): 500000 (kbit)
Sustained Downlink Data Rate (AP): 20000 (kbit)
Downlink Burst Allocation (AP): 500000 (kbit)
Low Priority Uplink CIR (D): 0 (kbps) Low Priority Downlink CIR (D): 0 (kbps)
Rate : VC 29 Rate 1X/1X

any time you have an AP that is Generating its own sync, you will see higher sessions/regs/re-regs. it is always good practice to have a site timed. whether its thru a cmm or a sync cable to the BH.