Session drops when link in use

I have a small wisp in a fairly heavily wooded area (mix of pines and deciduous). For a lot of my customers, I’ve had to use the M2 17dBi yagis just to get the signal above -70. Most work fine, but I’ve got a couple that have a weird problem. If they don’t use their link, it will stay in session for days. The minute they bring up a web page, the session will drop. For most, it happens once or twice within the first few minutes then works fine. I have one customer that gets continuous session drops while he’s using the link and none when he’s not. The only thing I can think of is some sort of multi-path interference from the trees, but I don’t understand why it would happen only when they first log on. They all test out at 100% up and down at 2X. I’ve tried forcing 1X but the behavior is the same. I don’t limit the bandwidth in the SM - I use Mikrotik PPPoE and limit it there. I was also wondering if there’s some temporary network overload when a dormant user starts making bandwidth requests.

I should add that this is 900MHz and the BER is very low - 2.5e-5. Jitter is 2 to 4 with an occaisonal 5. TX and RX power are both -70dBm.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Have you tried replacing the radio? I have had similar problems with our 2.4 system found it to be a faulty radio

I was actually really excited to try this, but it didn’t change anything. I used a known-good radio, too. Sooo…I guess I’ll try moving the antenna. The signal doesn’t change much as I move around the roof, but maybe I can still improve the signal. I’ll report back. Any other suggestions are welcome.


I had the same problem with a customer a while back. I couldn’t solve the issue had to move them to another pop. I’m just wondering how you made out with this. most i can say is to tell the radio not to scan for the other Freq. ive seen it help with interference a couple of times but its been a hit or miss for me. like i said I’m just curious as to what you’ve tried other than a radio swap

I know this is an old post but I’ve never solved this issue. I have several customers whose link will stay connected for days if they don’t actually use it, but as soon as they do, they’ll get a couple of session drops and then it will be fine again. This makes me think of some sort of scheduling issue with the AP but I have no idea how to figure it out. I’ve tried new equipment, realigning/moving the antenna and it’s still the same. There are lots of trees, but I don’t know why it would only affect the link when they first start using it. I’m still using 10.5.1. I use PPPoE and a Mikrotik router to throttle bandwidth and have all the SM settings for bandwidth at their defaults. Currently using 4 control slots for about 25 customers on the AP.

Any help is greatly appreciated.