Session Status -> State: AUTH CHAL?

One of our SM’s has ceased to register and authenticate with the AP. It was working and nothing has been changed since. The SM appears on the Session Status page of the AP, where the state = auth chal. The user guide says there are two options “In Session” and “Idle”. If Auth Chal stands for “Authorization Challenged” what would cause this? The SM is already provisioned in BAM, and I updated the bam provisioning for this SM just in case there was some kind of error with that specific record.

Any suggestions?

I have seen instances where the auth chal persists but the SM registers later. In our cases it has been due to poor signal strengths on the RF link, due to the yagi icing over. As soon as the ice melts off the antenna the link works again and the auth chal goes away.

I’ve seen it as well. Try rebooting the SM. I’ve seen AUTH FAIL as well, that’s an indication that the Authentication to the AP has been denied by the Authentication Server. However, you can’t see this in Version 8.x.