Sessions Page

Is there a way to clear the old sessions (LUIDs) from the Sessions page on an AP WITHOUT rebooting the AP? It’s annoying that really old seesions can clog the list when, say, a couple of subscribers have been moved to another AP.


I just recently spent a few hours digging around the web page and the actual files on the SM. I cannot figure out how to clear that without wiping everything else. I believe that is just stored in RAM, so you would have to selectively clear the RAM values, or reset the actual pointer in the program and I do not believe there is a function to reset that pointer.

Figures. I mean, they give us the option to clear the event log to get rid of old messages, why not do the same for the old, expired sessions?

I wish I could sit in a big chair and all of the software engineers at Motorola would ask me about every feature and take all of my seggestions and implement them. What a dream that would be… :lol: