set downlink max MCS per subscriber

this would be a good tool to help avoid local inference bothering voip subs and to limit the amount of re-transmits coming from CPEs.

a couple times restricting uplink MCS state has solved garbled calls in the outbound and we don't have use of that tool for downlink problems that can arrise local to the cpe, changing to a larger antenna is the only mean.

it also helps a lot with a remote desktop session when retransmitting may make the experience choppy.

or, and possibly better an option would be to have a  less aggressive coding schedule avaliable. the currently coding method is great 99% of the time, but sometimes a little extra headroom to keep retransmitting down can improve general performance in bad RF situations.   

add an option for defaulting coding, or an option to add extra head room to the code states like the 320 series?