Set Region

How do I set all my regions at once to United States?

Thanks for asking!

Left-click on PMP links.

Left-click on Access Points tab.

If Region isn't displayed in the table, right click on a column heading, and a "Select Columns..." wizard will appear.

Find Country on the left, highlight Country by left-clicking on it, then left-click on the ">" button, which should move Country to the right. Left-click on OK.

Now Country appears in the Access Points table.

To change all of the "Country" settings to "United States", left-click on the first country in the list, and shift-left-click the last country in the list.

This selects all Access Points. Then right-click on a highlighted country. A pop up menu appears. Left-click on "Edit Country".

Then a pull-down menu appears on the highlighted country--change this to "United States".

Et voilĂ !

All of the Access Point countries are changed at once.

I hope this helps!