Setting a Name without Pushing Config

We use the cnPilot devices.  It would be wonderful if we could set the customer name in cnMaestro without having to push out the (sometimes wrong -- if the customer has made a local change to something on the router) entire config back to the router.

Even better if we could get two way communication going -- where if the user makes a change it would be pushed back to the cloud.

This is a huge inconvenience to both us and the customer.   The customer will set an SSID/Password locally, we'll update or change the name to reflect their account and now they get defaults pushed out to them for EVERYTHING.

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Being able to set per-device SSID and passwords per WLAN as overrides is on our roadmap and is in development.  As an enhancement of top of that we plan to add the ability to read and use the local device settings for certain overrides to prevent overwriting local changes made to the device.  This would work similarly to the "Auto-set from device" feature currently available for network settings.

Which cnPilot device line are you using?  Home or Enterprise?

Please also check out this thread below to get an idea of what we are working on and provide any feedback if we're missing something.

@jordan - That's not what I'm saying.  If I set the device name in cnMaestro (something that doesn't even get pushed to the device) it pushes everything else out.   I want a way to only push the setting I change, not everything.

So pushing a name change shouldn't overwrite anything else the end user has set.


Thanks for the clarification RFWaveRider.

I've created ticket CNSSNG-8877 to address this and have contacted the relevant developers to get clarification on when the AP Group is expected to be pushed when saving changes on the device-level configuration page.

Is this for cnPilot Home devices?  When you hit save, was the device configuration Synced or Out of Sync?

Yes - I change the name for the device in cnMaestro.  When the device is "in sync" it doesn't matter - since changes pushed out are the proper ones.

However, when the device is "out of sync" then things break as wrong settings are pushed out to the device.

It seems like it would make sense to only push out things that were changed and NOT push out everything on the entire config when save is pressed.

I have gotten clarification on when configuration will be pushed to devices.

The ruleset for applying configuration are:

  1. If a device is not mapped to an AP Group, no configuration will be pushed.
  2. If device is “In Sync” state:
    1. If fields at the top of the view like device name, latitude, or longitude are change, only those items will be pushed to the device, if applicable.  Depending on the device type, some of these fields are cnMaestro-only.
    2. If the AP Group or any User-Defined Overrides are changed a configuration job will be created and the full configuration will be pushed to the device.
  3. If the device is "Out of sync", regardless of what is changed a configuration job will be created and the full configuration will be pushed to the device when the "Apply Configuration" button is pushed in order to Sync the device configuration.

It sounds like the scenario you're experiencing is number 3.  Is that correct?

Yes - the device is out of sync, I'm only changing the name -- why is everything else being pushed to it?  That's not the desired outcome.


The other option is to use SNMP.  We have a few scripts that poll the devices for the name and if our internal database differs, push that data to the SM, with nothing else being disturbed.  cnMaestro usually polls the newly pushed data fairly quickly.  Can share some snippets of code, if you would like.