Setting the transmitter output power

I want to know how to set the " transmitter output power" on my canopy. Most of the time i leave to the default. May be by putting the write setting it will improve my signal.
I have this example: I have a 900 connectorized AP and i am using an omnidirectional antenna with 11.5dBi; the Max Power is 50watts. how can i set the transmitter output power on my AP?
I am also using connectorized 900SM. An example is a 9.1dBi Maxrad flat panel antenna; its Max power is 20watts; How can i set the transmitting output power on my 900SM to get a very good signal.


Bruno C.

The Max power you are talking about is the max power handling of the antenna.

The AP’s max power output is 28dBm which is .63W. The legal transmit output is 4W from the antenna or 36dBm.

This is to say the the combined power output of the:

radio output power plus antenna gain minus cable & connector losses cannot exceed 36dB.