Setting Unique SSIDs

We are new to cnMaestro and we are needing to set Unique SSIDs to the cnPilots. We have been able to set them all to the same SSID and we have been able to set it to the MAC address or Serial Number, but we are we would like to combine to two, i.e. cnPilot-{last 4 digits of MAC or Serial Number}. We have not figured out how to script this.

We are planning to add support for User-defined Overrides for WLANs where SSID/password can be set against each device.

We will keep you posted once the feature is ready for release.


You should be able to set it to cnPilot-{full MAC or Serial Number} but there is not a way to automatically set with just the last 4 digits.  To do this, within the WLAN set the SSID to




It should be noted that since the serial number is privileged information used for onboarding, we recommend against using it in any non-private fields.  Since SSID is broadcast publicly, we recommend not using the Serial Number there.