setting up a ap from a sm

hello all i have been trying to set up a bounce from one of my sm units via a ap that is attached to the sm via the rj12 connection.

this is what i have .

1. a ap cluster that is serving the sm and has internet connectivity.
2 a sm that is working that is about 3 miles away from the ap cluster
3. a non advantage ap with version 7 software that is connected to the sm via the rj12 port.
4. a switch that has the power pucks for each and a ether net cable plugged into it.
5. the link cable i made from the pin out from the doc’s
6. i have set the timming on the ap to go from the timming port.
7. the color code and freq are set to the same as the ap that i am bouncing from. for the sm at the far end of the bounce

i can see via the sm user interface that the sm is registered to the ap and that the ap can see the sm.

the problem is i get no internet connectivity or ip address from my dhcp server that is in our office.

when i go to the switch with my lap top and set ip dynamically i get a ip from the dhcp server so the initial sm is working fine.
i then go over to the sm that is trying to reach to ap then through the sm then off to the cluster and i get nothing.

the statis page of the ap says i am recieving sync and everything seems to be working but i get no connectivity between the remote sm and the rest ofthe netwrok.

the end sm says that it is registered to the ap. and the rssi and jitter are also ok.

any suggestions.

When plugged into the intermediate switch, were you able to talk to the connected AP? The simplest explanation for your problem would be that the Ethernet cable from the switch to the AP at the intermediate location is bad.

Set the intermediate AP and the far SM to factory defaults to start with a clean slate. Give them both, plus your PC, static IP addresses within the same IP network address structure as the DHCP range. Start at any of the three locations and see what you can and cannot see (ping). By eliminating DHCP as a variable it should, hopefully, be easier to spot the problem.

You may, however, be destined for additional problems. Motorola only supports connecting a remote AP to an SM at the same frequency, or even the same frequency range, by using CMMs for timing both primary and remote APs. It sounds like you’ve already verified you can get it to work, but Motorola Tech Support warns that it may work for a while and then mysteriously stop working.

Good luck!

thanks for the input

i have put my sm and ap on the same ip range and my laptop i can ping the ap and the remote sm but i cannot ping my cluster or the rest of the network.

i am sure that the ap is not passing data to the sm that is then going to the cluster but i do not know how to fix this.

i have set the hardware and software setting to software and as soon as i do this on the sm i loose connection to my ap cluster.

i know all of the cables are good i test every one with my lan tester and i even use differant cables.

any more suggestions.

Connect your statically-addressed laptop at each location – primary AP, SM & intermediate AP, and the far SM – and ping the local units and each other location’s units. If you have to give your laptop a new IP address, or use DHCP, to be able to ping locally, then you still have IP addressing problems.

You think the problem is data is not moving between the intermediate AP and the far SM?

Try turning off the intermediate SM to make sue it’s not causing interference with the intermediate AP mounted next to it. Also, switch the intermediate AP to a different frequency than the primary. If this helps, please read the last paragraph of my first reply; you’re using a configuration Motorola does not support.