setting up a small network that requires bend it around an oil tank at a refinery, what do I need?

client wants to keep the cost down, as it is just for one camera  to monitor the gate.  How do I make a bridge or repeater and stay in the same frequency band?



I'm not entirely clear as to what you're asking or trying to accomplish. You're not going to be able to do that using PMPXXX radios (as that's where you've posted your question). You can save costs by using ePMP and using radios that have support PoE over the AUX port, use the AUX/PoE port to power the camera and provide data service. None of the Cambium radios support acting as both a WiFi AP and a client radio at the same time.

I agree with Eric on the ePMP for keeping the cost down, but as I'm a Canopy guy, I'll throw in my two-cents for the other product line. Using PTP radios (PTP-450 if you want to go new, or you can purchase old PTP-100 aka BH-10/BH-20, but this requires a lot of spectrum available) you can daisy-chain them together by connecting their ethernet ports together. You won't be able to use the same channel but you'll stay within the band.