Setting up Admin PW

Will Motorola ever fix the fact when you setup the admin password it automatically logs you out of the radio and you have to log back in? I have to setup 10-15 radios a day and this makes me want to punch my screen. Motorola if you actually read these forums FIX IT.

From a security standpoint this is completely valid. Cached credentials are reauthenticated on each new page load - since they are no longer valid you must login again. I would hope that any system that supports multiple users would let me do this so that access can be disabled immediately rather than having to reboot a unit to kick someone out

True. But none of the other units i deal with immediately kick me out as soon as a set up a admin PW, Alvarion, Ubiquiti, Tranzeo etc. All of them wait until the unit reboots for the password to be set. It’s extremely annoying having to deal with this.

Just a thought but if you have someone on staff who is good with coding you could just write a script that writes all the ‘users’ and ‘passwords’ you wanted quickly. Simple manipulation of the cgi script on how it is posted to the SM’s web server.

I would spend some time doing that in an effort to save time and money…

or you could just program it with the default plug in it.

nucoles wrote:
or you could just program it with the default plug in it.

This is done post install so we can save our field technicians time.

if you have a prizm server on your network you can apply a security profile to multiple SMs at the same time and it will config the login credentials and the SNMP access at the same time.

prizm is an extremely useful element management system that i couldn’t imaging managing our network without.