Setting Up CNS Server

Im really at a loss here. Ive nearly gotten CNS server up and running successfully. I am able to discover devices, but am unable to upgrade them through CNS.

I have my Network facing port set correctly and the devices accessible ip set, however each time I try to run an upgrade, it gets stuck (and eventually fails) at "Uploading image to device".

Any suggestions?

Hi John,

It might be possible that device is not able to download the specified  package for upgrade (due to network or port specific issue). You can validate this thing by accessing specified package URL on your browser.

Sample Package URL- http://<SERVER IP>:<HTTP PORT>/services/upgrader/backend/packages/<PACKAGE NAME>.tar.gz

If you are successfully able to download package after accessing URL through browser, then try to upgrade device from device web page with same URL. This will confirm whether it is network issue or not.