Sharing Rooftops

I have a cluster of 4 APs on a building and another wireless company is on the same building on a different tower about 500 ft away. I have a CMM hooked up and i see the GPS sync timing on the APs under GPS with all the information, but we keep killing each other and taking each other down. Shouldnt we be able to both use canopy with if we both have a cluster module? Is there any configurations that need to be done to get it to work? From what i understand, this is one of the main purposes of having the CMM opposed to self timing.

I think I remember something about both systems having to use the same percentage up and down, since that changes the length of the cycle.

Which band are you using? How many AP’s total? Any BH’s on the same band in these two installs?

i’m not sure about them, i have 4 aps. my backhaul is a 100mb tsunami bridge horizontall polarized. all sms/aps are on 5.7. i think they have a licensed backhaul link, but they may have a 5.7 backhaul.

It’s important that you guys know what is up there if you want to engineer it properly. If you both keep loosing service then it would be in everyone’s best interest to talk it out. I recommend finding out what exactly is going up there, then report back here. Otherwise it’s difficult to make suggestions if we don’t know frequencies, direction of the AP’s, and if there are any BH’s in the same band collocated.

he was up there first on 5.7 so ill let him be there. my understanding was that if i put up my own 5.7 aps with a cmm, it would work fine. is there any configuration to do it? the cmm doesnt do any processing for it other then provide the sync pulse does it? A previous poster said to make the upload/download rates the same, would that make a difference? i have all mine at 50/50 and im sure he’s at something else. I would talk to them but i’ve caused them a lot of headaches and they are hard to get a hold of.

Inspect their tower and determine the direction each Canopy and non-Canopy antenna is pointing.

Power off all of your equipment.

Go mobile with an SM and map out each of their antennas’ frequencies and directions. Use the SM’s Spectrum-Analyzer to learn each AP’s frequency. Use the SM’s AP-Eval-Data to confirm the frequency and learn their up%/down% and Color Code. (Hopefully, they don’t have SM-Scan-Privacy turned on.) Travelling further away from the tower may make it easier to identify the single AP pointing your direction.

When you’ve accumulated all the info, follow Motorola’s guidelines for creating a multi-cluster Canopy network. Build your cluster to match the other cluster, but use a different Color Code so your SMs don’t register to their APs, and the reverse.

You may be able to get this done without stepping on any toes. Tread lightly!