Shell script for bandwidth totals from rrd files

It has become important for me to know the total bandwidth usage for each user each month. I run cacti at the moment which tracks each user but is very difficult to see a list of the total traffic for each user and sort by those totals.

So I wrote a little bash script which will produce a tab delimited output of filename total in and total out. The script must be run inside of the rra folder for cacti. Download the script at:

I’ll post a couple scripts I’ve been using that I created for simple pleasures when i get a chance if anyone is intered…

* bandwidth graphing
* duplicate IP address conflict finder-thingy-ma-bobber
* SM 7.3.6 php configuration script
* SM 7.3.6 shell script configuration script
* SM 7.3.6 shell script network monitor (using (icky) ping)
* PHP IP Management application to manage IP networks
* SM 7.3.6 shell script statistics grabber (rssi/jitter/uptime/contact/errors)

a few other oddball scripts…

PS, My code never has bugs. It just develops random features.

Yes please do post. It would be nice to have access to a repository of scripts. Maybe others can post some as well.

you could always try my cacti ver.
available at

traffic report and customer database and config scripts intergrated.