Short overview and assembly of the new 450b High Gain SM

Hello there! Today we had the privilege of checking out one of Cambium's new PMP450b High Gain SM's. Our senior field installer, Steven, gives a brief overview of what he physically likes about the new radio, and also how to assemble it.

Some first impressions:

- Assembly time is under 2 minutes. Super simple to put together!

- This radio seems very well built and is a little heavier then its cousin, the ePMP Force 200.

- The mounting bracket is slotted so you can easily put it on a pole without completely unscrewing the bolts.

- We like the larger handle on the top, makes carrying up a ladder very easy.

- The gig ethernet jack and alignment tone port are very well protected from the elements. IP67 is what the *Updated* specs say.

- The grommet for the network cable is big enough to allow an RJ45 through without having to cut the cable and put on a new end. This makes swaps super quick.

- In prior SM's we never would use the alignment tone port, however we might start now that it uses a standard 3.5mm headphone port.

- Uses the same PoE's all all the old SM's, so again, easy to swap. They don't come with a PoE though.

- Unlimited license on this and a street price of $270 per radio and is sold in 4 packs from what I can see. I don't see single radio purchase options.



PMP 450b Spec Sheet


Thanks for posting this Eric and team!

I hope you don't mind, I have corrected a couple things in your post.

We changed the mechanicals a bit, and this radio is actually IP 67 rated!  I also linked to the "up to date" spec sheet (instead of attaching the one you had).


our first 450b High Gain SM is a 5.5 mile shot over water, signals in the low 60's. 

a few db better than 450i SM's perform from that distance.


@Michael Meluskeywrote:

our first 450b High Gain SM is a 5.5 mile shot over water, signals in the low 60's. 

a few db better than 450i SM's perform from that distance.

Thanks Michael,

Did you do a comparison in link planner (450i vs 450b) for this shot ?

Interested to know if it matched up with your results.

best regards,




You are correct, the standard packaging from Cambium Networks is for four (4) units; however, it is conceivable that our ConnectedPartners will break down the 4-packs and provide single units to network operators.




Looks like you guys nailed it.

Can the mounting arm be flipped around so you can offset the dish to either side?

The IP67 rating is good if it means we could turn the whole dish 90 degrees if need be (for those "creative" installs).


Check out this video


To answer your question Steven, yes!  

You can turn the bracket 180 degrees to mount it with the pole on the other side.  Although this is not shown in the video above, it's easily done.

Simply remove the 4 screws as indicated in the picture below, then flip the bracket.  It would not be recommended to turn the assembly 90 degrees.

Just a note, we "pre-assemble" this for right-handed installers, as the feedback we received from many customers was that this was more common.


Thats perfect! Thanks Cambium!

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We recieved our first order of these guys.  Unfortuantly the assembly and dish appears to be on back order.  We did get the feed horns / radio.  Are these feed horns compatible with the F300 dish assembelies? 

No, they are not.

There should be sufficient stock of all of this material. I would contact your VAR or Distributor, and inquire when you'll receive the mechanical kits... 

(Are you talking about the 5 GHz version, or the 3 GHz version?)

I have forwarded this to the support and product teams.

This is the 3ghz version.  My distro is showing they are out until end of may.  I am guessing they are sitting on a boat in the pacific.