Short Power Cycle, not on recovery IP long enough to get in

I'm currently attempting to get a PTP650 unit in to recovery mode by performing a short power cycle. I've set a static IP on the 169.254 subnet and have a continuous ping going to the default IP of The radio does come up in recovery mode, but as seen in the screenshot, only does so for about 4 seconds before it disappears. I've attempted to access the unit via HTTP during this window, but I can't seem to establish a connection before the radio stops pinging. I've tried telnet and ssh hoping that would signal the radio to stay in recovery long enough to get a HTTPS session established, but no dice.

Does anyone have a suggetion on how to get in to these things?

Edit: I used wireshark to find the IP the radio was trying to use (, of course). A tech was trying to test it in the shop and changed the IP so they could link up with a second radio. That doesn't explain the odd recovery behavior though.

Edit 2: I've marked the second post as the solution. The instructions do not work for me (I already followed them before I posted), but the solution here is simply to contact support.


Please use the below procedure to enter recovery mode manually.

1 Apply power to PSU for at least 10 seconds.
2 Remove power for two seconds.
3 Re-apply power to the PSU.
4 When the unit is in recovery mode, access the web interface by entering the default IP address The Recovery Image Warning page is displayed.
5 Click on the warning page image.The Recovery Option Page is displayed.
6 Review the Software Version and Recovery Reason.
7 Select a recovery option.

In case the issue still persists, please send an email to with all the details and will be happy to help.


Hardik Patel


Thanks Hardik,

I've followed those instructions a few times already to no avail. I found that info both in the PTP650 installation guide (page 7-44) and in other threads on this forum before I posted here. Unfortunately, as seen in the screenshot above, the device only responds to pings on that IP for ~4 seconds (instead of the ~30 or so I hear it is supposed to). Even when I try to access the web interface during those four seconds, the connection times out. Thankfully, I was able to find the radio's IP by a differnet method (as mentioned in my edit to the original post), so I no longer need to worry about it, but it still seems to be an issue.

If I see this issue in the future, I'll be sure to e-mail support and hopefully we can figure out what's going on.

Thanks again!