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I am looking for a little guidance for a customer who has 54600 connectorized radios and wants to provide a connection of approximately 25m connecting oil rigs. The antenna he is looking to use is a Radiowaves 16dbi 90 deg secctor antenna. They expect around 5 degrees pitch hence the suggestion for a wide beam antenna.

My questions is if anyone has experienced such short installation and the effect on stability of the link. From previous experience of other manufacturers the receiver tends to get saturated. On land we generally offset the antennas to reduce the receive gain. 

I have seen the radios can be set to a TX power of -6 but we wont have the flexibility to offset the antenna. 

Any thoughts or pointers would be greatly appreciated or pointers to good low gain wide beam antennas.

Thnaks in advance  

In order to save space and use an even lower gain antenna, while minimizing noise, you might want to consider using a horn antenna.

So let's say you reduce your TX power down to -6dBm and use 60deg 13dBi horns... this gives you an EIRP of 7dBm, and at that short a distance, this would give you a RSSI of around -45dBm (+- a few dBm) on each side. You don't want your RSSI greater then -35dBm, or else you will start getting distortion and modulation issues.

Anyway, yeah, I think this is doable, and I'd def consider using horns for this application over a sector antenna.

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Hi Eric 

Thanks for the feedback this looks like a sensible option. I will look into the antennas i have seen them over the years but have not tried them out yet.

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