Should i buy E410 instead of E400

Hi  guys.

I consider using  E400 model  for a dormitory that i manage, but the merchandiser advised me to use E410 model  instead because E410 is a new model , have more feature than E400 and onther reason is  E400 has run out of stock. i have little knowledge about two models so I would appreciate if someone had the comparison between them.

Sorry for my bad english.

  • e400 is a 802.11ac Wave-1 device
  • e410 is a 802.11ac Wave-2 device

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Hi Nhuphuc,

Just to add to CAM_TSK answer, the E410 has the following benifits in addition to Wave 2 (MU-MIMO):

Faster Max Data Rates (1267 Mbps)

 256QAM on 2.4GHz

TX Beamforming

T-Bar Mounting

Better processor

More RAM

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