Show data entry for critical security parameters in the web-based interface

In PTP 670-02-60 and 700-02-60, the ODU provides an option to display data entry for text-based security parameters as standard text, and not obscured in the style of normal password entry.

Often users are able to enter long text-based passwords using copy-and-paste. On the other hand, sometimes it's necessary to actually type a long security parameter. Typing without feedback can be inconvenient and inaccurate. The show data entry feature provides additional flexibility if you are in a location where computer displays will not be overlooked.

Here's an example from the System Configuration page:

Click on Show to reveal the entered data, and click on Hide to hide it.

This feature is available for the following attributes:

  • Server Key, in the Time Configuration page
  • Key of Keys, in the Security Wizard
  • Entropy, in the Security Wizard
  • Pre-shared Key, in the Security Wizard
  • Pre-shared Key, in the System Configuration page
  • RADIUS Server Shared Secret, in the RADIUS Configuration page.
  • User Password, in the Local User Accounts page
  • User Password, in the Change Password page
  • Passphrase, in the SNMP Wizard
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