Show interfering networks on adjacent channels


eDetect is very usefull, combined with Spectrum Analyzer.

Sometimes you have a 802.11 device on, for example, 5600, and your Cambium ePMP on 5595 (because performs a little better on that frequency in that particular situation).

If you run eDetect on 5595 you can't see nothing, but you're still influenced by 5600 (and 5585, 5590, 5595, 5600, 5605) 802.11 access points, right?

It would be very, very usefull for us to get also these data in eDetect to choose a better frequency and to understand why a single user get lower MCS.

It would be also usefull to see frame size of other Cambium devices: if they're interfering with you because they're set 5ms and you're 2.5ms, you need to know that instead of getting crazy :-)