Showing the FCC support for the TV bands.

I pulled this from the part-15 forums , thought some of the US people here might want to throw their support in.


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Hi All,

There has been more activity on the TV band issue. I’ve attached the WISPA
comments. PLEASE read them and file comments of your own.

On your filing it should be on company letterhead. State that you support
the WISPA stance and add any other comments you may have.

Guys, this is REALLY important! There is quite a bit of spectrum on the
block, it’s all sub ghz and in most of the country it’s totally unused as
soon as the DTV transition is done.

Here is the latest WISPA filing. Make sure you do yours too!!!

Do you want to be able to build 40 mile cells? You need this.

Want to be able to build systems in the middle of the forests your subs live
in? You need this.

Want a system that’s designed to automatically coordinate with other users
in your area? Tell the FCC that!

You’ve all seen the discussions on this issue over the years. It’s not
going away. This band WILL be allocated to someone. Probably unlicensed
but that’s not set in stone by any means! There are those working to add
requirements that will kill the band from a practical standpoint.

You HAVE to file on this, even if it’s just to say that you support the
WISPA filing.

To file go to this link and put 04-186 in the top left box:

Just fill in the blanks, then go down to the next level and attach your
comments. Select the type of document (PDF, word etc.) and submit it. This
is very simple to do and the VOLUME of filings matters too.

If you’d like to see what the latest from the FCC is on the issue:
The first NPRM: … -113A1.pdf
Further NPRM (latest): … -156A1.pdf

To read what others have said, just put 04-186 into the box on the top left:

WISPA’s confirmation number is: 2007220485913


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