Signal Strength Ratio

Can anyone explain what is meant by " Signal Strength Ratio ".

Ex: I can see in PMP450 SM " Signal Strength Ratio = 20.0 dB V - H "

The Signal Strength Ratio displays the ratio (or difference) of the Vertical path received signal power to the Horizontal path received signal power. This ratio can be useful for determining multipathing conditions (high vertical to horizontal ratio).

You can find more information on the Signal Strength ratio in the PMP 450 Operations Guide. you can get it here:

Hello there. Before 13.2 the SM’s Receive Power Level was dependent upon data passing. If you data was at a 1X modulation, you could see a max reading of 20.0 dB. Please pass data or run a link test to get an accurate reading.

In release 13.2, this will be improved and will not need data to get an Receive Power or SSR reading, as we have switched to using the BER packet instead of data packets.