Signal to good!!! help

we have a lot of customers close to our 349ft tower and even with the power level set low the signal is still -40 …please help

Some time ago i read about a way to make a very low gain antenna out of a peace of LMR 400 … does anyone have any specs on that?//??? ... hlight=pvc

Great news…

We are actually testing the SM/Antenna indoor setup.

We were having the same issues, we have a ton of customers very HOT. What we are doing is setting up these units for the HOT customers and seeing what comes of it.

This morning we set up the first one. The customer with a 10dBi yagi and outdoor radio was getting -49 according to the AP, even after turning the power down to almost nothing. Now with the indoor setup that same customer is around -73 thru -77 sustained with a power output of 9. We are very pleased and are hoping it will solve SOME of our issues…

What is the cost of the indoor units? ... ber+Module


Ya, we got our unit for $345 from Double Radius. This is a one time thing though, unless we buy 25+. So they gave us a deal for our first time purchase, we also go a Stinger in the deal to test drive as well.

We will be buy more though if this unit plays out the way we want it.

This is what the stats look like after 1 day of use. The re-reg are from me messing with it and rebooting it a few times. The noise margin for that AP is -70 thru -80 (-83 noise floor):

Site Name : Kriskens Pools & Spas (Indoor Test Module/Antenna)
Software Version : CANOPY 8.2.4
Software Boot Version : CANOPYBOOT 1.0
FPGA Version : 092707 (DES, Sched, US/ETSIv1.3.1) P10
Session Timeout: 0, AirDelay 3 (approximately 0.08 miles (441 feet))
Session Count: 4, Reg Count 3, Re-Reg Count 7
RSSI (Avg/Last): 1340/1338 Jitter (Avg/Last): 3/2 Power Level (Avg/Last): -78/-78
Sustained Uplink Data Rate (APCAP): 20000 (kbit)
Uplink Burst Allocation (APCAP): 500000 (kbit)
Sustained Downlink Data Rate (APCAP): 20000 (kbit)
Downlink Burst Allocation (APCAP): 500000 (kbit)
Low Priority Uplink CIR (D): 0 (kbps) Low Priority Downlink CIR (D): 0 (kbps)
Rate : VC 73 Rate 2X/1X

Im really happy with this, We have well over 100 customer as HOT at this customer was, and this should fix em good :slight_smile:

At 345 that’s not any more than a 9000SMC, antenna, mount, PSU, cable, hardware, etc. With the labor savings it is probably cheaper.