Signal to Noise Ratio: values mirrored from General Status page vs Tools → Alignment Tool page


I have noted in 450 SM updated to last version 14.1.2 registred to AP 450 14.2.1

In General Status:

Signal to Noise Ratio :
22 V / 17 H dB

In Tools -> Alignment Tool

 16 V / 21 H dB

Is this a bug or my mistake?

Thank You

Francesco Usseglio

ICA-NET s.r.l.

Thanks for posting Francesco.  It appears this might be a software bug.  We will investigate.  The good news here is that this will not affect link performance, because the radio software accomodates for this, and will perform the same regardless of how the paths are being reported.

Thank you for your reply.

The main issue with this bug is that alignment is harder without knowing which direction you need to move to improve link.