simple user question about dhcp setting in SM

Hi to all.

firstly, I have searched the forum extensively for a similiar situation to mine (ie I have zero support from my service provider) prior to asking the following…

On installation of the SM, the technician was unable to get my apple OSX machine running. There were no instructions, and the language barrier being a further breakdown, simply had the installer scratch his head and leave. what next? well, I knew enough to find the network settings on the mac, and I saw that there were proxy settings turned on from a previous internet provider. by simply turning them off, web browsing was up and away. all good so far…

my question is simple. I was originally able to access the SM via webpage to monitor the connection etc at 169.154.1. however, after changing the SM to acquire its IP via dhcp, I now, can no longer access the configurator webpage, and I do not know enough to know how to ping the SM from the mac to find its IP. Everything still works, no prob with web-browsing etc, but I wish to get back to the configurator so as to see what options are available for dynamic DNS. I simply wish to have a webcam pointing at the beach, but the service provider will not provide a static IP, so is what I would like to try.

any mac gurus out there?

cheers. and thanks for any help offered.

I am an end user that resides on the relatively remote tourist island of “Boracay” in the Philippines. my SM was provided with absolutely no support. I wont name the provider just yet. anyway, its too ridiculous to even mention the dialogue when asking for help. bottomline, there is no alternative service or provider for my location. In sheer frustration, I have seeked out this community and am very thankful to have been granted entry to ask knowledable experts.

most service providers frown very much upon users logging into the radios. that being said oyu could try to find out the public IP your using

Chances are, only the ISP will be able to tell you what IP address the SM has. No offense but it was stupid to make the change without investigating or thinking through what the results and ramifications would be.

In defense of your ISP, it wasn’t their fault your computer was misconfigured due to a prior ISP. If they are like us, their responsibility stops at the SM.

Should also point out that there are no parameters in the SM for handling dynamic DNS services. You’ll need to run client software on one of your computers for that.

If your provider is using NAT on their SM, you will have to ask them to enable port forwarding to the IP address of your webcam, and make sure to set the webcam with a static IP address on your local network.

Review the terms of service with your provider as running any type of service like this to the outside world may be prohibited. You will want to work with them and not this forum, as like was previously mentioned, you are tampering with settings you are not supposed to. You could run the risk of having your service terminated.

Just my $0.02.

Firstly, I appreciate being able to be heard. that in itself is a breakthrough. I am not alone in regards to having zero support in this island community. I am fully aware that the local technicians could or should be here, reading such a forum as this. I can only hope.

I have zero documentation provided with the service. I have a national 1800 number. very occasionally I have been able to get thru. on answering, operators say they will pass on service request to the local technician, and then… nothing.

I will try to get some terms of service to review. I have heard there is a corporate account that may be better suited to wanting to use a webcam? I am paying for zero support already, and have been inoperable more than 12days out of the first 30 days. (due to poor line of sight installation, and service provider simply walking away in regards to the apple computer at install).

fair is fair. and that is all I am asking.

thanks again for considering to hear a users plight.


That is unfortunate to hear about your customer support situation. Is there a local office you can visit to voice your concerns and issues? Sometimes a face to face is needed in order to get something done.

As for the Apple issue - many times it is commonplace for the installer to ensure the connection works, and leave the rest up to the end user. We do our best to help our customers get all of their computers up and running, but sometimes there are issues that prevent service from working properly. Your installer was obviously not experienced with a Mac and/or troubleshooting connectivity, so you cannot fault them for that. Fortunately it was a simple fix.

In any event, best of luck to you.