simplify the web interface PLEASE!!!

The new “GUI” interface on the 8.x series software, while it looks really nice, causes serious issues when one is attempting to diagnose problems over a troublesome link.
For instance, while trying to diagnose an issue on an AP a few weeks ago, I found it almost impossible to get to the AP and maintain my session long enough to find out that I was having CRC errors on the ethernet port.
With the old, “simple” webpages, this was never a problem, as the page would simply load a simple text.
It would be good if there was some way to bring up a “simple” version of the pages, or at least the stats page, perhaps by a static link (e.g. “”). This would at least give a simple way to look at the basic stats and perhaps the last 10 log entries to try to figure out what’s giving you problems without having to maintain the session over multiple page loads.