Single Master PTP670 Connectivity to Multiple Slave Devices

If I have a single, fixed PTP 670, what’s the best method for connectivity to multiple PTP 670 devices, mounted on different vehicles? Is it a master/slave setup, HCMP, or other design?

So how fast and how far away from the AP will these vehicles be roaming? I’ve never heard of anyone using PTP670’s HCMP used for nomadic, let alone, mobile usage. PMP450 has a nomadic feature for 5GHz. Can you describe in more detail what you’re trying to accomplish and the bandwidth demands?

Thanks for the response. Hoping to have a fixed 670 on a Terminal rooftop. We have multiple ships that will also have PTP 670s. Trying to establish connectivity as they come near and dock in the port/terminal.

Need the fixed device, to be able to connect with the various devices on different vessels. Not being dedicated to only 1 slave device. The ships will be docked/stationary when connected (not mobile)

Just a few questions about what you need to achieve here:

  • Do you expect to connect more than one Slave at the same time?
  • Are you able to align the antenna at the Slave ODU when the vessel is moored, or do you plan to use some sort of automatic alignment?
  • Do you plan to align the antenna at the Master ODU manually, or use a sector antenna or omni?


It’s common to use the PTP 670 on linear moving equipment like Stacker Reclaimers, Cargo Cranes, and anything that moves linearly on rails but not in a Nomatic Operation like this; though you could look at an Intelligent Positioner which will assist with auto alignment - these are just under $20,000 each!

Though more appropriately, the PMP 450i AP with Nomatic License and PMP 450i SM connectorised with high-gain Omni directional antennas could work really well if you want to keep it within the Cambium family. Cambium Networks has designed for PMP 450i Nomatic Mode for use on Dockside Operations to provide data links to ships when in dock or close to shore.

Lastly, another setup depending on your use case, could be a Wireless Mesh setup using Rajant Breadcrumbs; we have a setup in Singapore that controls autonomous boats around the harbour with 5GHz links working stable up to 3km on various Bouys around the Malacca Strait

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Normally, there will only be one ship/slave at a time. But, multiples might be possible (but rare).

Aligning the Slave devices while moored will be possible.

I believe the Master will be fixed on a rooftop, so not really moveable. The Master ODU will also be connected to a large 'horn type" antenna. I’m not familiar enough with it’s capabilities

Thanks, and we may consider this option down the road. For now, we’re just trying to have connectivity between a permanently fixed Master, to different ships that have multiple Slave devices. Just trying to find a simple config of the devices