SIP Registration, Session Timer and Exipers Problem (R200/R201)

We are making some test in this period with 20 units of (10 R200/ 10 R201) and we experiencing a lot of issues with the SIP parameters.

  • We noticed that although the router receives packet OK(200) sip with Register Expires to 90s the device set it to 45s, also with other timers (seems to divide it).
  • Out call drop after 15:00 minutes (Session Timer problem)
  • SIP Registration Failure when no backup server is passed.



We have also noticed that the sip registration appears to be 15 seconds less then the offered registration time. Ours is 30sec and the logs indicate 15 from ata perspective.



We have fixed all the issues and have shared a test firmware with you. We will release this new firmware on our support site soon.

Following issues are fixed:

1) 15 minuters call drop : Fixed
2) PPPoE issue : Fixed
3) Other SIP Registration issues noticed : Fixed.

Thanks for your support and co-operation.